Baby Awareness provides parents with real, simplified, research-based and practcal information for prenatal, infants/toddlers, gay/lesbian and heterosexual couples.

Babies don't come with manuals, but this is a good thing! Your baby and your experience as a parent is unique and what works for some might not work for you.

Do You Ever Wonder . . .

Why your baby does what he/she does?
How to respond to your crying baby?
Is my infant/toddler developing normally?
What are some ways to support my baby in being a problem solving, happy and resilient individual?

Los Angeles and Orange County have some fun, low cost and informative events popping up all over! Please read the events calendar for new events in your area!


So you're about to have a baby, just had your first baby, or had your third or fourth and it's been an experience unlike you've expected?

How has this major change and your expectations effected your relationship with your family, friends and partner?

Perhaps you are doing this alone or you're not happy with the support you're receiving?

Or maybe you are like so many parents who have support but feel lonely, sad, or anxious about being a parent?